Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 VS 2

The announcement of Microsoft, about the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has given a new excitement to the gamers. However, people were very much interested in buying the latest controller. This controller released in November 2019. And gamers who are using the Xbox series 1 controller are very eager to upgrade their controller so they are checking out the websites to know about the reviews of the series 2 controllers. Now, let us tell you about the Xbox elite controller series 1 vs 2.  As gamers might be wondering is it worth it to buy a new controller with upgraded technology?

Now, after doing a lot of research and knowing about the features and flaws of series 1 controller that should be fixed in series 2 controller let us tell you the detailed difference between the two and also in the below-given article you will find out about the improvements made in the Elite series 2 controllers.

Xbox Elite Series 1 Controller

Before knowing about the series 2 Xbox controller, let us first know about the series 1 Xbox controller. The Elite series 1 controller was the first shot of Microsoft in the market by launching its first pro controller. The very first Elite series controller launched in 2015. It was based upon the mechanism of the Xbox original controller. It contained:

  1. Fully swappable thumbstick.
  2. Paddle system.
  3. Two d-pads (swappable)
  4. Ability to lock the trigger
  5. The sensitivity of the actual trigger pull can be increased.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Now, let’s talk about the Xbox Elite series 2 controller. However, it contained all the basic things included in the series 1 controller. It has thumbsticks, d-pads, and swappable paddles. One new feature is added in the series 2 controllers that were utilized for tuning the thumbstick.

Upgrades In Xbox Series 2 Controllers

Now, let talk about the exterior look and also the components of the controller of series 1 and series 2. Although, exteriorly the controller looks very similar to the series 1 but the black tints that have been added in the exterior look of series 2 controllers have made it look slicker.

If we talk about the design of accessories then the series 1 controller possessed a light silver tone, on the other hand, the series 2 controller is rock black, and dark tints are present on the outside. Generally, speaking the series 2 controller has more cool looks.

Another amazing upgrade found in the series 2 controller is that it contains new paddles and these paddles are smaller in size and also concrete, which helps the user not to press them accidentally as this majorly happened in the series 1 controller.

Moreover, the series 2 controller possesses an internal battery that is rechargeable and you can easily charge it from the case or by using any simple USB cable. Xbox Elite series 2 controller has 40 hours life of battery after charging it fully.

Furthermore, the case given with the Elite series 2 controllers can charge the controller when plugged in. The controller’s case also possesses a rubber cover found on the top of the micro USB slot so that dust does not enter the controller, which will eventually save the controller from debris. People often ask that can you connect iPhone with the Elite series 2 controller then the answer is yes, as it contains USB Port C and also Bluetooth feature so you can easily connect it with your iPhone with your controller.

Xbox Elite 2 Trigger Locks

Triggers found in the series 1 controller also contain a trigger stop, which means the actuation of the trigger was cut into half by pressing the trigger stop feature, making the user press the button faster. Now let’s talk about the trigger on the series 2 controller. It contains upgrades of multiple elements. There is also a well-textured grip on the trigger. It will prevent your fingers from slipping from the trigger while pressing it continuously. Moreover, the series 2 controller contains three toggle settings that are for your hair triggers instead of two. You can adjust it to default, slow, medium, or super-fast according to your pressing ability.

Xbox Elite 2 Sticks

The sticks offered by Elite series 1 got beaten by the Elite series 2 because series 2 controller is offering 4 different types of variations of thumbstick that are:

  1. Domed grippy
  2. Standard one
  3. Long thumbstick
  4.  Set of concave sticks.

However, all of these sticks contain a magnet in the head of the thumbstick because this will help to get proper variations. One more outstanding feature of the series 2 controller is that it contains tension in the sticks and the user has the option to adjust it according to requirement like you can adjust it for a more heavy-duty feel or even for loose feel. It is the best option for the Xbox as it is very much similar to the original Xbox controller.

Xbox Accessories App Upgrades

Following, one more great change that has been made in the series 2 controller is on the UI side. As so many changes have been made on the Xbox accessories application, moreover, the Elite series 2 controller is offering more customized abilities to select and they are more straightforward to choose from as compare to the Elite series 1 controller. The latest controller also contains 4 different profiles- that gives you 3 customizable profiles that can be changed and 1 default profile that you can easily toggle through the main button. If we compare Xbox Elite controller series 1 vs 2, then series 1 only contains 2 profiles and series 2 is offering two extra profiles that you can adjust according to your requirements.


This feature makes you realize the main difference between the Xbox Elite series 1 controller and the series 2 controllers. It contains an entire button configuration that means each other buttons is mapped. Although, in series 1 we don’t get the option of automatic mapping as we have to select the button and map it. Moreover, in that version, we have to find out which button is mapped and which is not. However, the series 2 controller has made it more easy and user-friendly.  

Shift Button

One more huge upgrade found in the series 2 controller is that you can do mapping of the shift button also. However, the basic purpose of the shift button is to remap any button so that button can execute any other function.

For instance, if we talk about the X button, the normal task of this button is to work as an X button but you can press the shift button and can make it work as an A button. When the shift button will press, the X button will start working as an A button. However, when that button is remapped, you will get a logo on the UI that shows which button is remapped. Again if we press the shift button with the Y button then the Y button will work as button B. You can also use the shift button to adjust the sensitivity of curves on your stick. You can use the shift button to get more aggressive sensitivity and by releasing the button you will get the default sensitivity.  

Xbox Elite 2 Sticks Customization

You will notice one more difference in the Elite series 2 controllers as compared to the Elite series 1 controller is that the series 2 controller is offering extra customizable options for its user. As on the series 2 controller, you get the option to calculate how your sticks will be operating. Whether you would be using Axis independent, Radial, or even True diagonal. These calculations will also improve the precision of the thumbstick.

Triggers Sensitivity

Don’t worry about the trigger sensitivity setting as you will be getting the option to adjust the sensitivity in the series 2 controller also like the series, 1 controller. The vibration and brightness settings are also the same on both of the series controllers. Moreover, you can also adjust the brightness of the LED according to your requirements. You can increase the brightness at night and decrease at day time. Similarly, you can also control vibration according to your requirements.

Community Profiles

There is only one thing that was available in the series 1 controller and it is not present in the series 2 controller is the community profiles. These are the community’s profiles, and the basic purpose is to tweak different titles. Might be possible that in the future updated we will get these features but if you are a great fan of community profiles then the series 1 controller is best.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Warranty

According to the brand, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 comes with a different warranty period. They offer a warranty from 90 days to 1 year. If you face any issue with your controller, the company will replace or fix it. Xbox Elite controller series 1 vs 2 is differentiated in the above-given article and you would be very much clear about the difference between them. However, if you like to upgrade then it is a very good option but if you don’t want to change then the Xbox series 1 controller is also remarkable.

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