Nacon Ps4 Controller Review

The Nacon PS4 controller is also known as the” Revolution Unlimited Professional” controller. This controller has satisfied its user by providing the replacement of the gamepad. However, the gamepad has changed into a large and ergonomic design that is quite better than the DualShock controller.

The Nacon PS4 controller is sleeker, black/gray color, different options for button mapping, and also customization available. Nacon has used its best strategy to create this gaming console that works perfectly on PlayStation 4. And this controller is best for gamers who want controller input instead of the mouse and keyboard.

However, apart from the Nacon PS4 controller if you utilize any other Third-party devices then they are less durable as compare to genuine controllers. Some of the controllers possessed unofficial kits so they don’t work well with the gaming console. However, the Nacon PS4 controller is official licensed by Sony. It means it will surely work with your PS4 or PC.

So if you are planning to buy this controller then read the below given complete details about the Nacon PS 4 controller.

Design and Features

So, you might think that what special is given by the Nacon PS4 controller that your controller doesn’t have already? And if you are using the PS4 or even PS4 Pro, then definitely you will have DualShock 4 controller that is provided along with the gaming console. You can easily use the Nacon PS4 controller with your gaming console. It properly works with Sony gaming consoles. But the PS4 remote play feature will be missing in the Nacon PS4 controller because this feature is only specific to DualShock 4.    


As compared to the DualShock 4 controller, The Unlimited Pro Nacon controller is providing a lot more features. However, it perfectly fits in your hand because of its size. It also contains colored and shaped buttons like square, circle, or triangle. It possesses gray sleek color although, DualShock 4 is also available in fit size for all hands the Nacon PS4 controller is the more professional and advanced level controller.

Hard Case

The Nacon Unlimited Pro PS4 controller has a hard case that is useful for keeping over-ear headphones. This feature makes this controller quite handy and easy for traveling. The hard case of the Nacon PS4 controller contains indents that make it easy to hold and you can firmly place it during transit.

Inside the hard case of the Nacon controller, there is one more feature of USB attachment and it also contains a USB charging cable a USB Bluetooth connector, and finally a cloth for wiping and cleaning of the controller.


One more amazing feature of the Nacon PS4 controller is that it contains the ability of parts customization and you can also select the controller’s joystick size and shape according to your requirements. Moreover, you also got the availability of different parts so that customizing the size and shape of the joystick becomes easier for you. Every joystick contains a small tug used to replace the shaft of the controller’s joystick by using something heavier. Furthermore, you can also utilize the convex rubber because it provides a better grip than the concave rubber. However, you also have the option of using 10g or 14g weights under the rear grip of the controller so that it weighs downs near to your hand.

Input Buttons

Now let’s talk about the primary inputs of the Nacon controller, as there are dual joysticks, PS buttons available, D-pad, touchpad, and also share button options available. Moreover, Four additional buttons use for programming and available at the back of the controller. These four buttons are S1, S2, S3, and also S4. These buttons use for the replacement of two paddles. It present on the rear side of the Revolution models.

However, you will get the option to map the current inputs that will provide you the benefit of throwing a sly grenade from a back-door style; crouching or even you can launch a melee attack even without taking off your thumb from the joystick. And this is a great option for you when you are playing games like Call of Duty or Doom Eternal.

The most impressive feature of this controller is that you can easily map the only controller that you are using. And to do this you have to hold down the profile button for 3 seconds and then you have to select the “S” button afterwards press that button of which functionality you want to copy.

You also have the option to use the predetermined nacon app that will permit you to remap the other buttons however PS button will be excluded and this will also provide you the option to alter the sensitivity of your joystick. But the only drawback is that you have to install this application on PC only then you would be able to create your own preset by using the Nacon gaming website as there is no other option to do so by the PS4 console.


The Nacon Revolution Pro controller is a treat for gamers. The amazing bulk-out shape and also the rubber grips make this controller a better option for long gaming sessions without the problem of cramping or any discomfort also it contains hair-triggers and a remarkable joystick that will allow you for better and precise control. Apart from that button mapping also allows your controller to work according to your preferences.

Another amazing feature is the option of wired or even wireless play so you don’t have to get stuck between the game and wait for the charging to complete to resume your game. This will save your time and you don’t have to wait for charging and you won’t have to stop your game in-between.

The Nacon PS4 controller is a superb option for shooters because it has made it easier for you to swap between numerous mappings options and when you load-out in the battle or switch to any new weapon you feel very comfortable. However, the overall experience of the controller will provide you comfort and joy.

The LEDs marking on the controller also makes it easier for the gamers to know what settings and modes are enabled on the controller. If you observe a blue light rings then this means this is Mode 1 default setting. If you observe red color ring light then this is the jumping and flying  Mode 2. However other additional LED blinking indicates the battery level and also when the microphone is muted. While Mode 3 only works on PC and the ring light turns into violet.

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Listing The Main Features Of Controller:

Now let’s talk about listing the main features of the controller so that you can easily understand its main features:

  1. It contains amazing Wireless Bluetooth options that will connect with the USB dongle.
  2. Wired connectivity is available by the USB cable.
  3. It contains all the important buttons like the PS button and Share options also available.
  4. Touchpad with full functionality.
  5. 4 buttons of the shortcut (S1, S2, S3, and S4)
  6. It also contains a 5nm jack for headphones so that you can easily char with your players during wired and wireless modes.
  7. There are two different internal compartments and also there is the availability of six additional weights that will help you adjust the balance that’s is 2*10g, 2*14g, 2*16g
  8. The finish of the controller casing is soft and good looking.
  9. It has an EVA storage case.
  10. The controller is compatible with all of the PlayStation 4 version.

Back Control Panel Features:

  1. This controller provides you the option of manual controlling of the volume and also control of the mute button.
  2. There is an option of selecting game mode buttons like the 1-PS4 to 2-PS4 and 3-PS4 advanced.
  3. You also have the availability of the selection button of a platform that is PS4/PC.

So, yes the controller is amazing and also looks very fantastic. However, the price is also very reasonable and you will be really happy after buying it.

It Is A Professional Controller:

So, now you know the majority of the factors that are making this controller so awesome and amazing. After using so many other controllers you would be only satisfied with this controller and you will prefer the Nacon PS4 controller over all other controllers. The sleek design and solid layout of this controller have made it so appealing and good looking.

However, this controller also contains some complicated features in it. Especially when you see the customization options on the PC program of the Nacon PS4 controller. This option makes this controller unique and amazing as compared to all other controllers.

So you might still be thinking that what are the other features that are making this controller so Pro. So let us tell you that the available customization options make this controller so amazing as it contains extra buttons like the analog dead zone, also the hair-trigger toggles that are utilized for adjusting the length for which the L2 and R2 buttons have to travel back before detecting any of the shot. Once you get such options in your controller then you can easily claim your controller to be a Pro controller.


Thus the above-given detail is the complete Nacon PS4 review. However, for a lot of players, the basic DualShock 4 controller that comes with your gaming console is more than enough to fulfill your basic needs. Because some of the beginner players find it difficult to use complex buttons but it is quite difficult to find the rear buttons during the game in the DualShock 4 controller. You would have to use your fingers to grip the controller properly from the sides.

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