Mouse and Keyboard vs Controller Fortnite

The Fortnite battle is the most controversial gameplay topic that gains debates in the community. It seems to be one of the oldest discussions that doesn’t stop in the field of computer games. The controversy is about which is the best input device –mouse and keyboard vs. controller Fortnite? Or which is the easiest way to play the Fortnite game?

Fortnite is PS4 gameplay that supports keyboard and mouse as well as the controller. The owners of the console wish to connect these devices and get a slight advantage of the controller. Fortnite is a cross-platform game, but PS4 owners often stuck with the choice that they use, whether a controller or a keyboard and mouse.

Fortnite players found a solution that keyboard and mouse enhance the joy of playing the same as using a controller. Before using controllers, the keyboard and mouse are the primary weapons of playing online games. It hit unforeseen heights with a standard PC setup but quickly realized the controllers’ full potential.

Controller players can deal massive damage with assault rifles at outrageous distances. Well, it is not a surprising fact that controller players often receive severe criticism. Many keyboards and mouse players have bluntly said that the controllers are too powerful.

How to play Fortnite with the mouse and keyboard?

You have recently started playing Fortnite (famous Epic Games Battle), and you listen to the news that it is possible to use a mouse and keyboard to play Fortnite rather than consoles. But you haven’t figured out which is better – mouse and keyboard vs. controller Fortnite? Why do these input methods provide a tremendous competitive advantage, and how do Epic Games handle it?

Generally, players consider the mouse and keyboard as an input method that provides excellent freedom of maneuver. Aiming and shooting with the mouse and keyboard is much faster than it is with the controller. Meanwhile, mouse and keyboard allow players to gain a significant competitive advantage in the Fortnite battle.

Indeed, the default input method for playing Fortnite on PC and Mac needs a mouse and keyboard compared to the controller. If you’re a new user and didn’t know its primary key to use, then have a look:

  1. W, S, D for move button.
  2. Shift left for Jump change.
  3. Equal or Num lock for automatic movement.
  4. Left Ctrl duck left mouse button shoot or use consumables.
  5. Right mouse button – keys 1 to 6 change weapon or item. 
  6. Y to collect and interact with objects.
  7. M to see the map.

If you want to manage the above inventory, drag the items through your left mouse button. Press the mouse wheel for placing the marker. Meanwhile, the above are the primary keys that are common, and every Fortnite player used the same keys.

How does a player change the Fortnite controls?

Well, if a player wants their desire to control keys, then he/she is liable to change. To find the default control layout, here are the given steps:

Select the menu icon in the game:

  • Press the Esc button on PC / Mac
  • Press the Menu button on Xbox,
  • Click on the “+” button on Switch

Once the menu option is open, choose your desire keys.

Choose the tab with the desired control type, for instance:

  • select the appropriate icon if you are using a gamepad.
  • select the arrow icon if you are using a keyboard and mouse.

Are controllers best for Fortnite?

Fortnite is gaining popularity because of the multiple devices’ option. The unique and competitive PS4 continues to draw fans and gamers worldwide because of mouse and keyboard vs. controller Fortnite.

The Fortnite gameplay also offers full support for each platform, and maybe a player thinks a controller is the best option compared to a mouse and keyboard. In case you desire to choose the best controller for playing Fortnite, consider the option that is feasible for you. For some players, considering a controller is a better option because of many advantages. What to look for in a controller:?

more comfortable controller’s buttons: Keyboards and mouse provide superior aim, but there’s no denying that a controller’s buttons’ functionality is more comfortable. The Fortnite controller has rebound buttons means there aren’t enough buttons compared to the keyboard and mouse.

However, if you think the primary controller isn’t enough, search for the one with extra buttons to speed up reactions.

Controller with linking keys: if you’re struggling to find the best controller that wins the game, consider linking the keys. In many games, pressing the joysticks triggers crouching, sprinting, or some other ability. But it doesn’t seem very easy in the middle of a game if you’re a new controller user. Don’t be afraid to tie the keys together.

Choose the standard DualShock 4 controller: It might be boring for those who use a mouse and keyboard. The standard DualShock 4 controller is considered a perfect option for PlayStation 4 users. Only a few customizations are required, but it’s the long-term partner of the PS4 that works. The best part is you can grab several colors of the Fortnite controller.

Bluetooth or USB controller: it doesn’t have layers like the wired controller. The Bluetooth or a USB controller has wired and wireless playback facilities. Additionally, gamer-style and customizable pop-up buttons are also included in this type of controller.

Xbox Wireless Controllers: the best option for Xbox users. The added benefit of Xbox Wireless Controllers is that they also work with a PC. The wireless controller technically works perfectly, but some buttons can swap easily. In other words, it is a simple plug-and-play controller that is specifically designed for PCs. The new wireless controller can be connected through Bluetooth, and it is reliable for those who love wireless.

PS4 gamers who use a keyboard and mouse

The compatibility of the keyboard and mouse combination poses questions about whether players grab the advantages of keyword and mouse or consider the Fortnite controller better.

Epic Games has confirmed the development of Fortnite players on PlayStation 4, featuring a significant influence on user experience. Recently, the battle game studio confirms that gamers who use the keyboard and mouse combo on PlayStation 4 will be paired with PC gamers who also play with a keyboard and mouse. The following are some advantages:

Convenient in playing: the war of mouse and keyboard vs. controller Fortnite is never ended, but you will be amazed to know that mouse and keyboard are the most chosen equipment in PS4 or other console games.

Need full consideration: When you have a pair of mouse and keyboard in the Fortnite battle league, all your concentrate is on the screen, and your hand knows the exact location of buttons.

Custom the keys: well, everything is in your hand. A player has the power to customize specific game keys that are feasible for them. A Fortnite player can set their desired keys that are available on the keyboard.

Smooth movements: All the gamers present in most major esports competitions always prefer to play with a mouse and a keyboard compared to the controller because of smooth movements.

Dual targets: you hit your targets often in a duel that is more responsive. Remember that you need the right material to win the battle. If you’re playing with a standard mouse (Only two buttons and a wheel), it’s a bit tricky because you can’t put shortcuts on it.

Two Method of keyboard and mouse

Many gamers prefer to play with a keyboard and mouse as it comes into their habit. Indeed, the concept of these combinations on PC is older, and it is natural that we are used to pressing keys on the keyboard and clicking mouse buttons. Many users prefer the combo of mouse and keyboard in the war of mouse and keyboard vs. controller Fortnite. 

Some might argue that the keyboard and mouse controls are vastly superior to the Fortnite controller because they provide more flexibility in customization and fluidity. In their opinion, it is much easier and more convenient to assign functions. In a PS4 game controller, a player deals with rigid control schemes, where keys are limited or absent.

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Even if the person bought a PlayStation 4, the habit of using a mouse and keyboard remains the same that negates all the fun of the game. Two sorts of methods help connect a keyboard and mouse to your PS4 gameplay:

1. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connection

The first is to use Bluetooth to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to your console. First of all, make sure you have a wireless keyboard and mouse; everything is useless without it. Once you have them, turn on your PlayStation 4 and log-in to your account. Additionally, you can customize your wireless keyboard and mouse devices, such as layout changing from left to right mouse buttons, changing the keyboard language, and many more. Using the controller:

  • Go to the console settings,
  • Select the “Devices” tab
  • Press the cross.

The first item in the list that appears will be “Bluetooth Devices”. Could you select it and press the cross again? If the keyboard and mouse device is in discoverable mode before turning on the console, you need to check them first. In case you don’t know how to do that, you can also read the instructions on how to make them visible to PS4. After that, simply scroll the list of devices and choose the ones that you require.

Type “0000” as a code if you don’t know the code or cannot fix it.

2. Wired keyboard and mouse

The biggest challenge with wired keyboards and mouse is that not every device will work with PS4. If you don’t have a wireless mouse or keyboard, don’t be discouraged. The PlayStation 4 allows you to use their wired counterparts, but their connection is slightly more complicated than in the case of wireless devices. The process of wired keyboard and mouse is simple:

  • All you have to do is grab your wired mouse and keyboard
  • Plug them into one of the available USB ports.

If the system detects your devices, the keyboard and mouse icon will blink on the screen, and you can use them. In case the console doesn’t detect the externally connected devices, you need to do some hard work in this regard. It means the PlayStation 4 simply does not support your brand of devices, and you cannot install a mouse or keyboard on your console.  Once you plugged in, your wireless keyboard and mouse work the same as your Fortnite controller.

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How do you compare a controller and a keyboard and mouse?

For many Fortnite players, comfort and ease of access will be the most important criteria. Keyboards and mouse is the most useful set of tools for play, but their design usually doesn’t offer a comfortable grip like controllers, as they are not as portable.

Many ways to make gaming on a high-end PC easier, so you can play with the comfort of your couch; sometimes, people prefer the controller because of its simplicity. Analog sticks cannot provide the right accuracy of a mouse, but pushing slightly forward will cause the character to move in the game. Although mouse and keyboard vs. controller Fortnite is a sensitive topic that needs to discuss to have proper guidance.


Some players consider using keyboard and mouse in the Fortnite battle gameplay, whereas others go for controllers. The conversation of mouse and keyboard vs. controller Fortnite has no end point. It goes on without any beyond. There is a huge temptation to use the devices, but you will need to decide whether the game with the permanent ban’s convenient control is worth it or you need old means of playing.

There are no official categories of the controller; most of them work with a specific console and other with PC. Anything that works with Xbox will work fine with a Windows PC. In fact, one of the best options for windows is the wireless controllers or mouse and keyboard devices.

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