Microsoft Xbox one elite controller series 2 Reviews

Microsoft Xbox one elite controller series two brings a new era in the gaming field as each new controller provides a diverse experience. However, when you are a professional gamer, your favorites controller must be one of Microsoft’s Xbox controller.

Microsoft Xbox elite two series have a design that meets today’s competitive gamers. It features over 30 ways to play that make you a pro player. It excels in aiming the target accurately and fires even faster with hair-trigger locks. The rubberized grip enhances the quality of the gamepad.

Microsoft Xbox one elite controller series 2 is next to Xbox elite wireless controller and has a range of improved functions.

The latest version of Xbox one elite controller series 2 is a perfect gamepad released last year in November.

However, it’s always not the right choice to jump on a new version without getting a complete description of the product. You will find all about the elite X box controller series 2 in this article and help you make the right decision.


Comfortable: Precisely speaking, the sleek and lightweight design provides the most comfortable grip and lets you enjoy extended gaming sessions. However, its design keeps the gamer’s rage in mind and handles furious and heavy gaming. The controller has a rubber grip, which wasn’t present in its successors’ version, and it is black

Replaceable buttons: Main X.A., Y, and B buttons with share and main menu buttons. Also, analog sticks are changeable, and D-pad buttons are replaced with any other button magnetically.

The replacing button is the most loved gamers featured as it can fit according to your comfort and game type. The box contains a carry case, a wireless charger pack, and a USB cable with various buttons.

According to the game, you can easily adjust the gaming pad to play a racing game. You might need longer thumbsticks. Besides for Fortnite gamers prefer short thumbsticks. It’s an ideal gamepad and highly recommended if you love to have more controls, and it gives you an improved gaming experience.

Built-in Battery

The Gamers’ most favorite improved feature in series two is the built-in battery. Also, the battery life extended to 40 hours, and it’s easily rechargeable with a wireless charging dock. Or you can connect power source via USB-C.

In the new series, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery while playing online. So you can enjoy uninterrupted and extended game time.

Audio Jack

 The bottom side of the controller has an audio jack and connecting port for a stereo headset adapter. Even voice control and command is a unique feature

Hair Lock Triggers

The Xbox one elite controller has an exceptional feature of adjustable hair lock triggers, and it helps you restrict the motion of both stimuli at a time. At the back of the controller, a shiny green switch flips the triggers. Moreover, you can shift the triggers while playing the game in the middle or even per game.

Controller Accessories

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 pack contains the following accessories that are the cherry on the cake. Suppose you are a person who loves to create variation in the same pad according to the type of game. Then I can assure you it will be a great gear for you. Here is a shortlist of things included in the package. You will never regret buying a quality product with multiple accessories.

  • Double Thumbstick Adjustment Tool
  • A Sleek Carry Case
  • Single Tall Thumbstick
  • Single Wide Dome Thumbstick
  • Standard D-Pad
  • Faceted D-Pad.
  • USB-C Cable
  • Charging Dock
  • Double Standard Thumbsticks
  • Double Medium Paddles
  • Double Classic Thumbsticks
  • Double Mini Paddles

So if you have a fancy on the variation, then you will love this package.


Although Microsoft Xbox elite series 2 has plenty of physical customization options, the real thing is its software variations.  With a P.C. or Xbox one, you can remap every controller’s button and select the sticks and triggers’ sensitivity. It can vary from fine to weak degree and can manage vibration according to your personal preferences. Like while playing Fortnite, you have to improve the sensitivity to get the crispy headshots and aim the down sights. However, you can also adjust the brightness of the Xbox button using P.C.

Removable paddles at the rear make it comfortable in the hand when you don’t need it. Most gamers use 1 or 2 at a time so removing the excessive is a good option. Macro functions are beneficial in particularly strategy games which demands quick moves and succession.

Connection Method

Being a pro gamer, you will love to play with proper gear instead of mouse and keyboard gaming. Here are three ways to connect it with P.C.

1.USB connection: Plug- USB charging cable with P.C. and other ends with your controller port at the top.

2.Xbox wireless: Xbox wireless adapter for windows ten you might need to connect the controller with P.C.If you have a Pc with builtin  Xbox wireless, then you can directly connect it without an adapter.

3. Bluetooth: You will need a window ten-anniversary update to connect the controller with P.C. via Bluetooth.

Besides other new features, the coolest addition is to shift the keys. All you have to do is press it for a while, and all new commands will appear for each button that you can easily customize.

You can map the jump button to a paddle, and you can maneuver in shooters. It will give you mobility at fast-paced shooters over rivals.

Customized profiles

Another admired upgrade is keeping the multiple profiles according to your customized profiles. So you don’t have to spend time and energy to fix the setting that once you did to play a specific game. Moreover, you smoothly return to the default profile if you find your customization unfavorable.

Battery life

As mentioned earlier, it has a perfect battery life. There are few complaints about the battery issues, and compared to previous Xbox gamepads, it’s almost none. You don’t have to spend extra $ for worn-out A.A. batteries or faulty charging kits. Instead, the built-in rechargeable battery provides you 40 hours of gaming session without interruptions. Usually, the previous versions batteries worn out within a few months and needed new to keep the gamepad functioning. However, a built-in rechargeable battery is much more durable, and even a warranty will cover any fault in the gamepad.

Moreover, easy dual recharging methods are apple on a pie, and you will fall in love with it. You don’t have to wait for hours to get it charged as you can connect the USB cable and recharge and play simultaneously. The dock instant recharge will also keep your Xbox elite controller charged all the time. Just put it on the dock right after each session, and you will never be out of setting and can play 24×7.

However, it’s too early to announce the battery’s durability as most of the built in batteries deplete with time. All it depends on the charging and discharging frequency of the gamepad, and still, we need time to give the final verdict about the battery durability.


For pro gamers, the durability of the device is a must feature. No one wants to keep changing the gamepads and need a perfect gamepad according to your preferences. Imagine having a favorite gamepad that supports you in a comfortable zone, and then suddenly, it stops functioning. It’s the worst nightmare for a professional gamer as new devices always take time to get settled. Therefore a gamepad should be durable and should handle the hefty abuse and rage of a gamer. Microsoft Xbox elite two series are the most durable and robust built gamepad that is the most preferred choice of a new or experienced gamer.

The triggers, thumbsticks, and paddles are all highly functional even after careless use. There is no need to keep it dust free or covering it with protection cases as it’s not sensitive to the minor details.

Mostly gamers claim that the grip of the gamepad remains firm even after bulk playtime. All credit goes to the grip material used in making the gamepad that keeps the button grips company and well-toned.

Bluetooth control

Microsoft added Bluetooth control to the elite two series, and it’s now easier to move with its controller. You can either use it on a laptop or desktop while relaxing on your couch. However, you can directly connect it with android and iOS devices for mobile games. However, the only issue you will face with this option is that combining it with a new device will erase the previous settings. You have to re-pair it manually to attach it with Xbox one or P.C.

Performance and Xbox Accessories App

Xbox accessories app that you can easily download from the app store and help you configure the sticks, vibration, brightness, and sensitivity levels. It will also ease the procedure of setting up three profiles and a default profile on the controller.

Also, the recording of the gameplay and taking screenshots is an entertaining feature. However, it’s only possible while playing on P.C.

In short, the accessories app lets you customize so much that you will never get bored with a gamepad. There is still a lot more to explore, and it will fulfill your curiosity satisfactorily. However, you can experiment a lot with this device without fear of damaging the gamepad’s software as you can reset it to default at any time.

LED lighting

The changing LED lighting colors to mark the specific profile that lights up when you shift the shape. It will let you know which face as per the game you are playing.

Scratch Proof

The softness of rubber used in the making is hard to mark and scratch on it. It might get a smudge quickly but getting scratch is quite tricky. Therefore you can easily clean the gamepad with a cleaning swab or dry cloth piece. However, the other parts without rubber grip are challenging to clean, just like thumbsticks material catch the dust like a sponge. So you sometimes need a toothpick or fine needle to clean the sides of the thumbsticks.

Hot Selling

However, it’s too early to announce its most favorite gamepad, but its selling frequency is beyond expectations. It’s one of the best online selling gamepads. One reason is its improvised version and also budget-friendly gamepad. Also, the buyer’s reviews of the specific product are worth trying it.

Pros and Cons

Now here I will shortlist the main aspects that you can compare to make your final decision.


  • Most comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Hair look triggers.
  • Extra buttons in the package
  • Remap able buttons
  • Versatile in customization
  • Multiple profiles and default profile in memory
  • 40 hours of built-in rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable thumbsticks
  • Dock and USB cable charging


  • Button allocation is a bit faulty
  • Mechanical issues are frequent
  • Drifting thumbsticks occasionally
  • Pairing with a new device erases the previous settings

Final Verdict

In respect of its price, it’s an ultimate choice of a pro gamer until today’s date. Precisely if you are the one who prefers multi-functions on a gaming pad and you are pro in variable games, then it will satisfy your gaming versatility. Besides the durability and experiencing the techniques and finding the exact combination of buttons and triggers, it will entertain you for a more extended period. You have lots to explore on this gamepad, and you can have your innovative combos for different versions of Xbox. We can declare it much improved and enhanced the performance of its predecessors.

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