How to charge Xbox one s controller

The Xbox One S is one of the most attractive gamepads for gamers. It’s famous among the youth because of its comfortable buttons and analogue sticks.

Moreover, the energy-efficient design is the key feature of the Xbox One S controller as it saves you from swapping the batteries. Most people don’t know how to charge Xbox One S controller and thus refuse to buy this series.

You can replace the AAs battery when the system is hanging or lapsing. However, it might interrupt your gaming session if you are not well prepared before beginning the session.

So here we are! To help you find the right way to extend your battery life in keeps the interruptions to the lowest level.

1.Rechargeable battery pack

The Xbox one S does not work on internal batteries and needs AA’s batteries to perform well. However, there is no specific brand of batteries that use well in this gamepad. Besides, the right and most cost-friendly batteries are Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. These batteries are also environmental friendly and energy saver.

You can easily find and purchase Energizer Charger, which can charge four batteries at a time. So you can have a pair of batteries ready before the first One drained out.

2.One Charging Kit

Microsoft provides a rechargeable battery set commonly known as the Xbox charge kit. It will replace the AA’s battery with a Lithium-Ion battery, which you can quickly charge using a micro USB cable. Also, you don’t need to sync the console wirelessly with the controller.

Once the Lithium-ion batteries are fully charged, they can provide you up to 30 hours of gaming time. However, it might take 4 hours to set to the fullest.

3. Wired Connections

Sometimes you may be out of battery and have used all your AAs batteries. The good news is still you don’t have to stop playing the x box games. You can convert your wireless controller to wired One in a simple One.

Therefore if you own a play and charge kit than there is no issue of running out of battery, with Micro USB cable you can connect controller and Xbox so it will keep on charging the device.

Xbox One controller can work well even while it’s charging. The Play & Charge Kit provides you with the chance of uninterrupted long session play. However, it should take a few more hours for it to set completely.

Charging Method

Battery pack:

  1. Open the compartment door of the battery of the controller.
  2. Now insert the rechargeable battery pack in the apartment keeping the connection side inside. We then aligned the battery pack with connection points in the compartment.
  3. At last place the compartment lid back and fix it.
Battery pack

Battery Charging:

In this method, you need the recharging Kit and USB cable.

  1. Connect the charging cable with the USB port located at the front of the controller.
  2. Connect the other side of the cable with X box one USB port.
  3. You have to keep the console on the right after the connection otherwise it won’t charge if you connect it with the off console. Once it shows charging you can now turn off it again and it will keep on charging in a short period.
  4. The orange light on the cable indicates the battery is charging. When it turns white, it shows a fully charged controller.

The plus point in this method is that you can easily play while it’s charging, and it won’t damage the battery or controller. However, it might take a few more hours to get charged fully.

The battery charging time may vary according to the type of USB cable and the charging source.

Note: Standard AA (LR6) batteries work the same in your Xbox One Controller, as do the rechargeable batteries. However, casual rechargeable batteries don’t recharge in the controller. You have to recharge these batteries according to the method recommended.

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Key Features of Charging

Battery Saving:

You don’t have to turn off the controller after each gaming session as it will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. So in a way, it will save your battery, but it’s sometimes disturbing as you have to restart it more often. The Xbox s controller can reconnect quickly by pressing the home button.  

Battery Level:

It’s very critical to know the exact battery percentage for a gamer to start a session. As it needs quick reflexes and sometimes battery drains out much quickly depending on the energy required for specific games. So while playing any game, you need to know the charging you have in your gamepad.

Suppose you are using more than one controller, then you can check the battery level from the home screen of the Xbox. It will display different battery levels, and you can shift it using the home button on the gamepad. It will also inform you which gamepad is connected with USB and charging.

Common issues

While recharging, you might face a few difficulties and need to fix it without replacing the batteries or cables. However, even rechargeable batteries also have worn out, and you need to get a new one. Also, the time limit depends totally on how often you recharge them. If you are frequently recharging the controller batteries but not using them fully, it will cause early worn out.

However, make sure to test a few aspects before replacing and discarding the batteries.

1. Cable Testing:

  • It’s entirely possible that only the recharging cable is damaged and does not charge the batteries. So check it in following ways to get the right direction.
  • Check the connection point is attached securely and tightly.
  • Try using any other cable with control and console.
  • Make sure to use Micro-USB cable and specific cable to test the cable functioning.

2. Clean Battery contact points:

Carefully remove the battery and clean the contact points with an isopropyl alcohol cotton swab or dry cloth. Never use water soaked or any other chemical as it might damage the polish and cause corrosion.

3. Wireless controller test:

To check the working of the controller, you can:

  • Place new AA batteries in the controller and then see if it works well.
  • Use another rechargeable battery pack in the controller.
  • If the problem persists that there must be an issue with the controller itself and you might need a new one at this point.

Design specifications

Same design as standard X box controller the S series has few visual differences. Instead of multiple plastic pieces, it uses one substantial part of the faceplate. It creates a sleek design that is a most admired feature in its appearance.

Instead of a standard shiny chrome colour, it has a subtle black Xbox button. The function is the same, but it gives an elegant and perfect match with the rest of the controller.

Comfortable Grip

The ergonomic design and comfortable grip are universally accepted. It has enhanced plastic grip with better construction at the back. However, you can also get a customized hold online and improves the grip of your controller.

Quick Pairing

You don’t have to install and fix extra soft ware’s to connect the controller with PC or Xbox as it only needs a plugin to get connected. All you need is a fully charged battery in the console, and here you are ready to have perfect playtime.

Pairing with the console:

All you have to do to connect is turn on console and controller, then hold on the pairing button until it flashes X box symbol. Then same you will do on the console pairing button press it for few seconds as it flashes. At first, the flashes will be quick and indicates searching period, and once it’s connected, it will slow down the beats. Usually, there are no issues or hiccups while pairing the console and controllers.

Pairing with PC:

Although connecting with PC is relatively more accessible as it has Bluetooth function. All credit goes to Bluetooth function available in Xbox s that you don’t have to work with a mess of long wired adapters that will be a burden on your pocket.

The connection needs a running PC with windows and ten and updated controller. First, turn on the controller and click the start button on the computer screen. Then go to settings and select devices it will show Bluetooth and other devices. Now connect the Bluetooth and other tools and let it search the Bluetooth controller id. You will find “Xbox Wireless Controller” on the screen and click the pair button. Here you go!

Therefore we claim that X box one S is an ultimate choice for gamers using PC and X Box one S both. However, it’s not feasible to attach multiple devices at a time and does not officially support various tasking.


Although there short-comings and it’s not much durable, but it is still affordable and budget-friendly till now. Usually, a common one has all you need at a reasonable price, but if you want to improve the look, you can spend some more to get variable colours. However, it is still 1/3rd the cost of Elite X box one S controller and functions almost the similar. So here we can state that there is no competition in the market concerning the budget-friendly device.

Frequently Ask Question

Does the Xbox One S controller work well with the original model of Xbox One?

Yes, the Xbox One S controller is totally compatible with the original Xbox One model because of its upgraded internals and trivial design.

Does the Xbox One controller operate with the Xbox One S?

Yes, if you renew your Xbox One from initial to S or purchase an original second-hand controller, it can work properly with the One S console.

Does the original Xbox One controller operate with the Xbox One X?

Sure,  Both Xbox One controllers are compatible with Xbox One X, so if you upgrade Xbox one to Xbox S or X, you don’t have to worry about controllers.

Comparison of Xbox one s and Xbox one X series:

The original x box one controller and X box one s launched their consoles in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Although there are few differences in both consoles both, have good reviews from gamers.

The main difference is the Bluetooth presence in S controller and its missing in X series. It eases the connection of wireless headphones and also connects it with PC without any dongle.

However, the new consoles also have better range, and it covers more, which keeps the gaming session enjoyable even at good distant.

Xbox One S has a better grip and texture. Also, the headphone jack in the controller helps you experience better online multiple gaming sessions.

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