Best Xbox One Controller in 2021

Best Overall
Razer Wolverine Xbox One Controller

  • Interchangeable D-Pads
  • Interchangeable Thumbsticks
  • Quick Control Panel
Best Pick
Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

  • Pro Level Precision
  • Hair trigger locks
  • Interchangeable Paddle
Best Price
PowerA Spectra Wired Controller

  • Seven Color LED
  • Trigger Locks
  • Dual rumble motors

Xbox One is the latest gaming console manufactured by Microsoft and offers great entertainment in all the games. Initially, it premiered in America and areas of Europe. Later, it had been aimed at consumers from China, Japan, and other nations too. It’s an updated edition of its predecessor Xbox 360 that has improved performance with all the enhanced features like redesigned multimedia, body, and controller design, focusing on cloud computing and running over the reduced graphic degrees.

Playing games on Xbox is a wonderful adventure that will be further enhanced with the best controller. It’s vital equipment if you want a high-level gaming experience. There are tons of Xbox One controllers in the market with a wide range of features. These controllers are designed to operate perfectly with most games, such as racing games and fighting games.

Choosing the right product is a difficult task for a new gamer. Due to this reason, our team did complete research and select the 5 best Xbox One controllers. Our team tests every controller that is available in this list. In this article, we also cover a complete buying guide in which we guide you about how to choose the best Xbox One controllers by considering a few important factors.

List of 5 Best Xbox One Controllers

Image Product Feature Price
Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller
4 Multi-Function triggers and a Quick Control Panel Check On Amazon
Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is the World’s Most Advanced Controller Check On Amazon
PowerA Spectra Wired Controller
Dual rumble motors and 3.5mm stereo headset jack Check On Amazon
Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox One
Original Xbox-style controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs Check On Amazon
Black Out 5000+ Modded Controller
Works on ALL Xbox One Consoles and PC Check On Amazon

1. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller

Razer Wolverine Ultimate is an Ideal controller for Xbox One and PC in this list that comes with fantastic aesthetics and agronomic design. It offers full customization to gamer and allows them to use inter-changeable thumbsticks and D-pads to play multiplayer games. It includes two re-mappable multi-function bumpers with 4 multifunctional activates with the quick control panel. The system conveys rubberized grips and swappable switches to incorporate greater relaxation in the game.

The Razer Chroma light offers immersive adventure in the game with bright light. Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a wired controller having a 5mm sound jack for conventional cans and features a more 10-foot USB cable to simply assist gamers in joining the controller together using windows. It includes ABXY buttons that exhibit more performance compared to its rival.

This controller is quite convenient for first-person shooting games. The paddles and M buttons come in the exact middle of the trunk part of the controller. It has 2 additional buttons across the e-lite controller works ideal for Dragon Hunter World.

It’s built-in media short cut buttons and click controls deliver a far greater gaming experience. The RGB light in it adds more beauty. This controller feels exceptionally lighter as a result of the lack of a battery pack. The controller saves several profiles for all user’s games and uses quick switching empowered with the touch of a button.

2. Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

If you are looking for a Microsoft best for your console, then this Xbox One Elite Controller will be right for you. The d-pad and thumbsticks are removable; it may also replace different options based on the game that the alternatives you’re playing. There are four additional configurable shooting mechanics, paddles in the rear, and custom switches mapping to Xbox One and Windows-10 with the x box Accessories program.

The controller has alloy analog sticks; however, it also gives an unparalleled number of alternatives. It has 3 extra analog rods with a longer range and also a different silhouette. Microsoft and its partners have generated custom button mapping to your own Elite Controller, too.

It is a very comfortable-feeling controller to endure for lengthy gaming intervals. The textured grip is also fantastic and has metallic upholstery. The only actual competition the Elite has over the whole line up of Xbox controllers arrive from the shape of third party high-end possibilities, just such as the Razer Wolverine and Scuf Infinity. Overall, it best controller that has good hardware personalization and quality.

3. PowerA Spectra Wired Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

The Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller is another good option for Xbox. The Spectra has diminished features at fewer costs. The controller’s buttons have to adjust hair-trigger sensitivity to a moderate and ordinary one, therefore making it well suited for FPS games.

The buttons are remappable, which means it’s possible to map all one of those buttons in front of your trunk. The USB cable is removable so that it becomes better to transport around. Additionally, it features a 3.5millimeter audio jack; however, people appear to be having difficulty using the microphone for a certain reason.

The LED on the controller that will be on multiple zones, for example, the thumbsticks, d-pad, and switches, can be changed into 7 colors. The LED could be shifted using a button onto the rear, and the button will be right below this app button that enables one to remap controls. Last but not least, for that purchase price of under $40 on Amazon, you won’t look for a much better and accredited controller.

4. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox One

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Xbox One

The Hyperkin Duke is the ideal retro gaming Xbox one controller. The start and choose buttons are all above the ABXY buttons in white and black colors, just like the traditional controller. Additionally, you receive yourself a 3.5millimeter jack on the base of the controller.

It’s made out of improving refinements all over the plank, including shoulder pads, 3.5millimeter sound, and at the center a gorgeous OLED display that onto every media showcases the OG x box boot cartoon. When buying it, then you might feel it as though it came out of Microsoft’s labs. Retro gaming is at its finest for this particular specific controller. It includes white and black buttons for all anyone OG x box games.

Overall, the Hyperkin is smart enough to have good modern features like fully supported vibration responses and accuracy analog activates and bumpers. The Hyperkin Duke is a superb Xbox One controller for all the ones which have remained with the stage as first.

5. Black Out 5000+ Modded Controller

Black Out 5000+ Modded Controller

If you are looking for a modded Xbox One Controller that works with almost all the games, then this Black Out 5000+ is a good option. It integrates with a 3.5millimeter headset with black buttons, and a blue LED. The controller is equipped with many features like Rapidfire, Quick Scope, Jitter, Dropshot, Auto-aim, Burst, Mimic, and Adjustable Burst with a lot more.

If you’re interested in finding a moderately priced game controller, then here can be the ideal option you can have for this particular specific a fully customizable Xbox one Controller. It can readily switch between modes in addition to RT compared to RT+LT on-the-fly.

The mod is effective well as will come with graphs and instructions to get flexible manners. The Xbox controller is effectively made and works perfectly on all programs. Additionally, it works great in PVP when handling somebody else to knife them. This item is brilliant and user friendly. Last but most certainly not least, its guidelines are perfect. In general, it’s an awesome piece of hardware and also recommended for all domestic and professionals grade players to get pretty much all types of games.

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Buying Guide: How to choose Best Xbox One Controllers

There is a wide range of Xbox One controllers on the market, and It may require some time to find the One Which fits your gaming personality. There are numerous items that we’ve to test on while purchasing a controller for the Xbox One. The new buyers do not know the technical knowledge that is necessary for picking the ideal version. Here we added all the important factors that we must need to consider before buying the gaming controller.


The ergonomics is the most important factor that we must need to consider before buying the controller. If the controller is not comfortable, then it is not a good choice. When the controller isn’t comfortable, it’s going to take your gameplay down.

When the controller doesn’t have an ergonomic layout, then you’re bound to have tried earlier. In some games, you feel wrist pain, which is likely to make you incapable of engaging in games for an extended duration.

Battery Life

Battery life is just one of the main areas of almost any controller regarding what kind you play. If you’re thinking about buying a controller, constantly be sure it’s great battery life, period. Removable batteries are good and nice; however, they’re thicker. However, people with no detachable battery may possess problems with batteries that are dead after a time.


This really may be the essential component of shopping for the other manufacturer’s controller. How much customization do they allow to their controllers? The Razer controllers have habit keys, but their design can be somewhat offsetting. However, with backpaddles, added buttons, buttons, hair activates, and more simply produce the gameplay experience even simpler.

The controller that offers more customization is a more convenient option because it works with all the last games, both FPS or action games. If you should be a passionate Xbox One player or take part in esports, it’s well worth investigating premium Xbox One controllers, which have hair-trigger locks for quicker activate presses, several d-pad choices, and also further buttons to assign functions to.

Additional features

The few models have different characteristics and perks that other controllers do not. These are a few additional features that are also good for your controller but not necessary.

Vibration: Getting your controller to shake into both hands if your character takes damage leaves for an even far more immersive experience. The vibration feature helps you to play games without any shaking effect.

LED light: Several controllers are lined with LED lights, which lightly glow in a nuclear rainbow of colors. If you would like to stand aside from the package, this is your very best option!

Colors and layouts: Many controllers can be found in one of 2 fashions; nevertheless, you might be inundated with the massive assortment of otherwise colored x box wireless controllers. Take time to determine what’s on the market. The section of colors only depends on your preference.

Xbox One Controller Buttons Names and Guide

Microsoft frequently releases significant controller enhancements, and the latest software, follow these simple steps for the updating:
1.Press the Xbox button to start the guide
2.Navigate to System, Kinect & Computer Devices, Devices & Accessories, and choose your controller.
3.From that point, enter these devices info menu, then pick the Firmware variant, and press Proceed.
4.Once you find that the”Controller Updated” message, you are all set!

Xbox One Controller Driver

The Xbox One controller works with your computer through a micro USB cable, and it does not need any software. But if you face a software updating issue, you can use the window Update Driver option; it will automatically find the driver and update your PC controller.

Xbox One Controller Battery Life

The battery is one of the controller’s major factors that we must need to consider while buying any gaming controller. The Xbox One Controller works up to 30 hours after complete charging. You can also use different battery packs for more battery timing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Xbox One gaming Controller work with PC?

Yes, almost all the Xbox one controllers are also compatible with Pc. You just need to connect with the computer. It directly works with Windows PC. Any game you play on Xbox 360 controller on PC should work with an Xbox One controller; simply plug it with a USB port with a Micro-USB cable and enjoy your games on Pc.

How to set up a new controller with the Xbox One?

Joining a newly bought controller into a console is a very simple procedure. These are the methods to join a new controller into your Xbox One.

1.Attach your controller with Xbox One; you Need to sync.
2.Next, switch your controller by pressing on the Xbox button. The Xbox button will flash.
3.Press and then release the Connect button onto your own console. About the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, then you are going to come across this at the bottom-right of one’s own body underneath the button. For the initial version Xbox One, the button is directly located on the left side of this console, directly across the corner by the disk slot.
4.Press the Connect button in your controller. You’ll come across this tiny circular button towards the surface of your controller. After joining, the Xbox button will start flashing.


I hope you like this article about the best Xbox one controllers, there are many controllers in the market, but some models come with low-quality material. All the model review in this article offer great performance in their price. If you like this article, then share it with those friends who plan to buy a new controller for Xbox.

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