Best Controller for Ps3 in 2021

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Best Pick
VOYEE PS3 Controller

  • Upgraded Joysticks
  • Ultra-accuracy
  • Sixaxis Technology
Amazon Choice
JAMSWALL PS3 Controller

  • Long Standby
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Auto Sleep Function
Best Value
KLNO Game Controller for PS3

  • Dualshock Sixaxis
  • Long Standby
  • Lithium Battery

The PS3 gaming console still significant in the gaming world after 10 years. Many gamer lovers still use this console in our homes for gaming sessions. It offers great accuracy and performance while playing the games. In the last 10 years, several brands lunch their controller for PS3, but only a few become popular. Some models in the market are pretty good, while some are not worth consideration. While looking for something, you need something that’s super responsive.

In this article, we assembled the list of 5 best controllers for PS3. These products would probably be one of the most premium controllers in the marketplace. We’ve done our research, which means you can easily select any best product according to your requirement. We also add a proper buying guide, which covers all the important factors that we must consider before buying the controllers.

List of 5 Best Controller for Ps3

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
VOYEE PS3 Controller
360-degree positioning Check On Amazon
KLNO Game Controller for PS3
Hand-vibrating Dual Shock Response Check On Amazon
Bek Wireless PS3 Controller
Built-in Gyroscope Motion Sensors Check On Amazon
JAMSWALL PS3 Controller
Double Vibration And Shock Check On Amazon
CHENGDAO PS3 Controller
Grooves Design Fit To Fingers Check On Amazon

1. VOYEE PS3 Controller

VOYEE PS3 Controller

VOYEE PS3 Controller is the best option in this list that comes with an adequate design. It is a user-friendly controller that offers great handling and includes a smooth, comfortable grip. It is made with a non-slip material that blocks it from falling, especially when carrying it with wet hands. VOYEE comes with wireless device features that offer a very large range. It is lightweight, which means you can use it for long gaming sessions.

It is compatible with lots of operating systems such as Windows and Android and supports several gaming consoles. VOYEE controller has a built-in 450 rechargeable battery that supplies 5 hours on a single charge. It is available in different models and color that looks great in almost all gaming setups. The VOYEE PS3 Controller has a 33ft space reliable wireless range. It is ideal for you if you want the liberty of movement while playing then games.

This PS3 controller includes a 360degree placement for premium gaming precision and uses the Six-axis technologies for your best gaming experience. It also supports Bluetooth technology for easy connection with android or Pc. The sleep mode automatically works if the controller does not work for at least 10 minutes. The double vibration system is excellent for Exemplary gaming.

2. KLNO Game Controller for PS3

KLNO Game Controller for PS3

The KLNO is one of the best brands in the gaming world that has an experience of more than 16 years in making gaming accessories. The KLNO gaming controller is designed for long gaming sessions that work on the latest WiFi technology. It has a 10-meter wireless range that will help you to play games from long distance. The high-quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery works up to 1924 hours to get break-free functionality.

The 360degree rotatable joysticks allow you precise and smooth movements even at the fast-paced games. It comes with three IC chips that ensure easy & stable functioning anytime you employ the controllers. This is available in various distinct shade colors, including Black, Interval Blue, Brassiness, and Spot Art Color.

It has a 30day Money-back Guarantee. The hand’s vibration excites kiddies to play eagerly with all the family. It Provides a DualShock Six-Axis wireless attribute. The High-performance layout appeal to 10 yards of wireless range. This PS3 controller Offers rapid pairing and Provides stable links with no disturbance. The Product has a long battery life Due to the lithium battery using the high ability.

3. Bek Wireless PS3 Controller

Bek Wireless PS3 Controller

If you are looking for a semi-automatic PS3 controller, this Bek Wireless PS3 Controller is the best option. It comes with an appealing layout that offers user-friendly performance. It has 2.4GHz wireless oscillation control with both analog joysticks & 4-way control switches. This is available in Blue, Black, and Red colors to provide you with an option by your taste.

This Wi-Fi controller is rechargeable, which means you’re able to use it for long gaming sessions. The very first charge sometimes takes a bit long of 10 hrs, but after that, you’ll not ever need to return from the perfect functioning of the control. In the package, include one controller along with two thumbs stands grips caps.

The fashionable controller includes shaking for additional pleasure and also has a long-lasting charge. This enables one to play for a very long duration. It offers great feels to the hands and fits well within the hands. You won’t experience any fatigue in long gaming sessions. The Bek PS3 Controller is made on a 10% new standard. It gives 4-way controller switches for simple gaming.

4. JAMSWALL PS3 Controller

JAMSWALL PS3 Controller

JAMSWALL PS3 controller is one of the simple controllers that work with almost all the games in Ps3. This is very lightweight and comes with a smooth finish. It is compatible with different gaming machines such as PlayStation 3, Android, PC, Windows, and much more. This has a strong Bluetooth that offers a large range. It works without any software just need to Plug, and it automatically works directly.

The motion control feature is very sensitive, and you will enjoy it in shooting games. This feature also offers performance in dual shock and vibration. It has a high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which makes it possible for you or some further users to play games for a long time.

It offers a superior gaming experience like the Sony controllers. The built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and offers a big capacity, and the ergonomic layout of this controller is appropriate for any gamer. It is made with 3 IC chip for secure performance.

5. CHENGDAO PS3 Controller

CHENGDAO PS3 Controller

The CHENGDAO Ps3 is another semi-automatic controller that offers superior performance in contrast to other models. The ergonomic design of this controller fits perfectly on both hands to supply smooth operation. It includes accurate and high sensibility that helps you use it with the most famous games such as FIFA, LEGO, GTA, NBA, NHL, Madden, etc.

It has a 450mAh large capacity battery that runs up to 8 hrs. There are two in-built shock motors and a six-axis motion controller sensor for an exemplary acting experience. It is available in 4 color options, Black, Red & Black, Skull, and Skull & Galaxy. The company provides a 30day money-back guarantee with user-friendly customer support.

This controller also includes a 3.5-millimeter stereo headset jack to help enhance freedom of movement. The CHENGDAO Controller has double shock functioning using just two vibrating motors, which increase the immersive gaming experience. The incorporated LED front light indicates a secure connection and enriches your gaming setting.

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Buying Guide: How to choose Best Controller For Ps3

The best PS3 controller’s choice is difficult because there are many important factors that we must need to consider while buying the controller. That is why we have decided to prepare this guide to buy the best controller for PS3 and help you choose the model that best suits your needs. Also, if you are concerned about how much it costs, you can choose the economic and functional model at the same time.

Materials & Design

The material of the controller is an important factor that we must before buying the controller. In the first place, there must be the robustness of the device, with a shape and design designed to best withstand long gaming sessions and the most intense moments where the player’s patience is often put to the test. We thus go from situations in which it is good to check the length and solidity of the connection cable with the console or check that the grip and the seal of the pad are such as not to suddenly escape from the player’s hands. 

The soft rubber characterizes some of these controllers with a matte polish that minimizes unintentional slipping of the fingers. The design and ergonomics also play a key role, especially in part dedicated to the fingers’ positioning. Check that the product is sturdy and that the grip is maintained throughout the game session.

The analog sticks must have good play and smoothness, with a versatility of movement that does not compromise the precision of the controls. In some models, the colors or parts of the original joypad symbols have been replicated, extra help for those looking for almost complete fidelity with the PS3 controller.


In any comparison of controllers for PS3, the ergonomics aspect is one of the most important since it determines the comfort you will feel holding the controller and how long you will be willing to do it.

It is necessary to remember that the controls are held during, sometimes, long days of play, so it must be comfortable and light. While some controls are made of smooth and shiny plastic, others have a corrugated texture, and it can be said that the former tend to have less grip, something negative for players whose hands get sweaty, but have a bright and striking aesthetic, and the latter takes advantage of its non-slip texture to provide more confidence and security in movements.

On the other hand, current models tend to have a rubber coating that further increases comfort in the grip and stability in the hand, so if the previous models do not convince you, you could choose one with rubber grips.


We touched on one of the points that caused a revolution in video game controllers as we knew them until they appeared in stores. Vibration has become one of the requirements that are now present in almost all controls on the market. With the ability to increase the sensation of realism and immersion in games, vibration systems work by returning to the user’s hands, a sensation produced by internal motors, which is generated by impacting the video game.

In the latest generation controls, this system has been greatly improved, making it more realistic, allowing you to feel even the softest hits, the spin of a wheel, the shot of a rifle, and the crash of a car. When choosing your next controller for PS3, don’t forget to look at the vibration system’s quality.


Another essential factor to look at in every control is the analog joysticks’ pressure system that most models incorporate. They fulfill a similar function as the directional crosshead; however, unlike it, the amount of pressure you exert on the lever will determine the speed or force with which the character executes an action, whether moving or moving a car.

Wired or wireless

The wireless connection is mostly made using the Bluetooth protocol. In this way, the signal is kept stable within a maximum distance of 10 meters, without loss of performance and with reliable performance in-game. To do this, many controllers then rely on a USB transmitter that connects to the console to be recognized by the PS3 without difficulty. 

The length is essential to maintain the maximum comfort of being able to sit on the sofa and peacefully continue the game even with the controller connected to the console.

Ps3 Controller Charge Time

The charge time depends on the controller models, but normally the PS3 controller needs 2 hours for the complete battery. After charging the controller, work for2 hours of continuous use.

Playstation 3 Controller Buttons Guide

The first thing you should do is remove the remote from its packaging and check the battery charge, which will avoid running out of power in the middle of the game. Otherwise, you can connect the controller to the console using a USB cable and thus be able to charge it while you enjoy a few hours of play.

After connecting it to the console, you must link it by following the corresponding steps to use it. Use the directional arrows or the left joystick to scroll within the console menu and choose the option you want, depending on whether you will play or perform another action.

Ps3 Controller Charge Time

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up a PS3 controller on PC?

Once you have connected the controller and made sure that the computer has recognized it, we can now move on to the configuration. At this point, things get easier, since once you get to the initial screen of the title you are playing, it will be enough to enter the options menu and from here select the “Controls” item to set the keys where possible and also change the assignment of actions to be performed by pressing one button rather than another.

How to clean a controller for PS3?

It is very normal that, after a while of use, your remote control shows signs of deterioration, since the sweat from the hands and constant contact with the skin leaves marks and accumulation of dirt, so we recommend you clean it after use and store it in a suitable place.

However, to keep a PS3 controller clean, you should use a dry cloth to remove the dust accumulated on the surface and the indentations. On the other hand, many users often use small brushes and air blowers to remove stubborn dirt.


Whether you need a second controller to play in a group with your friends or you want to change the classic model of your controller for one with a modern design and more features, we recommend you look at all the above models. We do complete research before selecting these models, and offers good performance at a reasonable price. If you like this article, then share with those friends who plan to buy a new Ps3 controller.

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