Best Controller for Pc in 2021

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PC gaming continuedly increasing all over the world. There are a large number of games that work only on the computer. So the number of Pc gamers is also large as compared to console gamers. Many people like a keyboard or mouse for gaming, but the controller is an important component for gaming if you want an advanced gaming experience.

PC controllers can allow you to play games alternatively. For this reason, there are lots of brands that make Pc controllers with distinct features. If you are a new gamer and looking for the best PC controller, you are in the right article because we select the best products that offer all the important features at a budget price.

We have done complete research and select the 5 Best Controllers for Pc that is the ideal controller for both Pc or some consoles. In this article, we also add a complete buying guide that surely helps the new gamer while selecting the gaming controller from the offline market.

5 Best Controller for Pc

Image Product Feature Price
Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition
4 Remappable Multi-Function buttons Check On Amazon
EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller
Works with Windows, Vista, TV box, PS3, and Android 4.0 Check On Amazon
PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad
Widely compatible with PS4/PS4 Pro/PC and Laptop(Win7/8/8. 1/10). Check On Amazon
ZD-V+ USB Gaming Controller
Support PC Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 & Play Station 3 & Steam Check On Amazon
Wired Gaming Controller
Compatible with Windows (Xinput & Dinput), Vista, TV box, PS3, and Android 4.0 Check On Amazon

1.Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is the top best controller for PC on our list. It offers many competitive advantages, such as it comes with all the ideal hair-trigger style. This hair-trigger mode reduces the length of travel triggers off right and left. It ensures to supply a competitive advantage that improves the gaming experience. This game controller has 4 Remappable switches for different functions. It supplies the greatest charge of gaming in your own hands.

This game controller contains many features that are best as compared to other models. This controller comes with light and magnificent profiles and improves your own personality as the ideal gamer. There are action buttons of Mecha-Tactile inside this controller. The removable semi-automatic cable of this controller enables simple playing with those games. The controller is constructed from non-metallic rubber, which ensures the sturdy grasp of this controller in both own hands.

This game controller is designed in such a way that you really feel comfortable after a few hours of gaming. The controller easily connects to a personal computer through the enclosed 10-foot fabric-wrapped USB-to-micro-USB cable. It has a quick-breakaway connection, which is very similar to this Xbox 360s wired controller, which readily divides the cable if it has caught on anything. You can personalize the Wolverine Ultimate throughout the Razer Wolverine app for the PC or games console.

  • Strong Grips
  • Button feels responsive
  • 4 Remappable Multi-Function Buttons
  • Hair Trigger Mode
  • Sticks get slippery sometimes

2. EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller

EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller

EasySMX Wired Gaming Controller is another optimal option for playing the games on Pc. The controller includes large compatibility and readily works together with windows, android, etc. The USB cable of this controller is 6.5 ft long, which empowers us to take a seat a little further apart from the computer.

The joysticks are made of design layout and attached in such a way that standing to that thumb is quite cozy even throughout the long-playing of their online clip games. Additionally, there are lots of top features that can make it best in its own structure. The firm grips of this controller offer great handling capability. It comprises double vibrating motors which makes sure you deliver the optimal feedback throughout the playing with this game. The double vibrators boost the immersion of all these game experiences.

It works with different devices such as television, Vista, PS3, Windows, along with Android 4.0/preceding using OTG functionality. It works with just a plug and play option, which means you can use it instantly. Its symmetrical style of joysticks will help you while carrying it. It supplies an even thrilling adventure of gaming.

  • Good feel in hands for long gameplay
  • Buttons have a good click feel
  • The wire is very long and durable
  • With Dual-Vibration Turbo
  • Sometime Analog sticks will slow down

3. PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad

PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad

PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad is another best option for your new gaming Pc or PlayStation. This game controller contains superb compatibility. You can use it to enjoy gaming on multiple platforms, including PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, and PC. Just activate your device with a USB cable for the first match connection, and you are ready to play. The controller has an optimized design with double analog sticks.

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Its built-in shock motion motors offer optimal strength responses. It gives an excellent adventure while playing games on Pc. The grip of this controller is extremely unique as it’s created from non-toxic substances. The controller is made with the top precision d-pad. The d-pad shows its very best performance in long gaming sessions. The game controller contains 360degree endurance.

This controller additionally comprises a sound interface of 3.5MM, which is useful if you want to chat with your friend in games. The controller comes with a share button that could instantly share game video clips. The controller is made of ergonomic style and higher sensitivity. The Orda PS4 Wireless Gamepad Controller is one of the best PC controllers with a more comfortable and stable grip, and it comes in four color combinations, and blue LED lighting.

  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Shaped well to fit in the hand
  • Mini LED Indicator
  • Audio Function
  • Not good for FPS Players

4. ZD-V+ USB Gaming Controller

ZD-V+ USB Gaming Controller

ZD-V+ USB Gaming Controller is the best-wired GamePad for PC that comes with a wide-compatibility. It’s the ideal controller for playing games on a computer system. It supports the Xinpu style and plays with Channel 3 to personal computer games. The entire weight of this controller is just 216g. The dimensions with the game controller will be 150x105x65mm.

The best feature of this controller is that it works with both USB is both 2.0 and 3.0. The ergonomic controller comes with a minimalistic layout. The controller feels incredibly comfortable in hand. The texturing in the top layer of the controller is likewise rather neat. The vibration feedback works perfectly with almost all gaming devices.

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The controller comes with a JD-Switch role which may readily and immediately alter the role in d-pad into left-stick and vice versa. The optimal controller has a high-precision d-pad and non-invasive joystick. It is perfect for both beginner and professional gamers because it comes with almost all the features that necessary in a gaming controller.

  • Full vibration feedback when used in conjunction
  • Very good build quality
  • Multi-mode: Xinput & DirectInput
  • Support PC Windows, Androids
  • Triggers are pressure buttons

5. Wired Gaming Controller

Wired Gaming Controller

Wired Gaming Controller is the last option in our list of best gaming controller for PC. It is also the best controller for PC and those gamers who want an average quality controller for normal gaming. It can work with windows, androids, television, and Vista, etc. Playing games becomes even much easier with this game controller. You can use it by just plug-in, and it works immediately without any software.

The USB cable of this game controller is two meters or 6.5 ft, which lets you play with the space of a personal computer. This game controller contains many significant features that ensure it is the finest and excellent option for PC games.

The game controller contains double vibrators. The vibrating motors are set within the side grips of this controller. It supplies one kind of feedback throughout the playing with games. This game controller gives a wonderful adventure of gaming.

  • Solid performance and work great
  • Joystick Gamepad with Dual-Vibration
  • Wide Compatibility
  • 6.5 ft USB Cable
  • Pushing down the left analog is a little hard

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Controller for Pc

In this section of our review of the best controller for PC, we will describe some important factors that you must need to consider before buying the controller for Pc. These important factors should keep in mind when you go to purchase excellent quality and good performance game controller. Some important factors of the best game controller for PC are the following:

Cross-Platform or PC-Dedicated

The best game controllers are used for both cross-platform and PC-Dedicated. Some game controllers are only for cross-platform, and some are for PC-dedicated. If anyone is only PC gaming, then the game controller specially designed for PC is used. If someone is a PC gamer and a console gamer, then the game controller for cross-platform compatibility is the best option.

Wired or wireless

Some game controllers are wired, and some are wireless. The wireless game controllers are more convenient to use than wireless. The best game controller for wired contains a long USB wire that allows you to sit a little far away from the PC. Wired and wireless are best to use, and both have the best features and are easy to use. It depends on your requirement of what kind of game controller you want to purchase. Both wired and wireless game controllers have their own best features and qualities.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The best wireless game controllers are with Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth of the game controllers is very easy to connect. The game controllers ensure the best experience of playing games. The wireless game controllers are more expensive, so choose that game controller which meets your need. The Bluetooth feature of the game controller is quick in its action. The fast Bluetooth connectivity can quickly connect to your PC.

Style and features

There are different styles and features in different models of the best game controllers. The best game controllers are with ergonomic design. The ergonomic design ensures the great comfortability of using the game controller. The handle of the game controllers is made from non-slip material and provide the best grip in your hand. The game controllers are sweatproof that remain stable in your hands. Your hands will never tire with the comfortable ergonomic design of the game controllers. The dual vibrators of the best game controller are the best feature. It provides the best experience of gaming.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the best game controller is the most important factor in the best game controller for PC. The lightweight and size are the most ideal to use. These kinds of game controllers are easy to carry, and you will never tire even after using the game controller for the longer playing of the games. The size and weight of the game controller also increase the comfortability features of the best game controller.


The price of the best game controller is your priority. Whenever you purchase the best game controller for PC, always consider the price of the different models of the best game controllers. Many best game controllers are within your budget and affordable. Different prices of the different game controllers come with unique features and characteristics.

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Best Controller Settings for PC Fortnite

In this section, we provide the best controller settings for pc Fortnite, we try to cove all the important settings that necessary for a good game.

L2Aim Down Sites
L1Previous Weapon
R1Next Weapon
D-Pad UpInventory
D-Pad LeftPlace Marker
D-Pad RightSquad Comms
D-Pad DownEmote/Replay
TriangleToggle Pickaxe
CircleSwitch Mode

PUBG Pc Controller Settings

There is a wide variety of Pc controllers for PUBG Pc games, but here we add the best PUBG Pc Controller Settings that you can use on any controller for better gameplay.

Control Button Pre-set   Type B
Invert AxisMuscle memory
Stick Dead ZonesDepend on the responsiveness
Forward Running10
Movement Sensitivity100
Vertical Sensitivity multiplier75
General Sensitivity14
Aim AccelerationOff
ADS SensitivitiesLower than your sensitivities

Best controller for PC software

If you are still confused about the best controller for PC software on the whole list, don’t worry here, we will tell you the best model. The Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is a great choice because it works on almost all the Pc and compatible with every game. It has a large USB cable that makes it more comfortable and durable as compared to other models.

Controller for PC driver

Many new gamers are confused, how they can use all the models with our Pc and which is the best driver for the controller. All the models reviewed in this article work without any software. You can use all the controllers on your Pc with just the Play and Plug option.


All the above Pc controllers are great in their action. Among all the models of the game controllers, the PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad is the top-best controller for PC. It is made for the PlayStation and laptop with motion motors. It has wide compatibility. This game controller has shock motion motors that provide intensity feedback.

We tried our best to deliver you the best information about the Controller for Pc. This buying guide will surely help you a lot in purchasing the best game controller for PC. The best game controller for PC ensures the best experience of playing games.

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