Best Budget Controller for Pc in 2021

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PC gaming is currently trending in the world, and its fanbase increases daily. A few years ago, many people did not like PC gaming due to the high price of gaming gadgets or consoles. But today, every gaming console and innovative gaming gadgets are available in the marketplace at normal prices.

If you’re a big lover of PC gaming, you’ll need a fantastic gaming headset that offers high-quality sound, the ideal gaming mouse, and the best gaming PC or notebook. All of these gadgets for PC gaming increase your gaming experience to another level. If you want your PC gaming to an advanced level, you need a professional gaming controller for Pc.

Choosing the right gaming controller is not an easy task for beginner games. Here in this article, we analyzed 5 Best Budget Controller for Pc based on their programmable buttons, customization, and built-in quality.

5 Best Budget Controller for Pc

Image Product Feature Price
PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller
3.5-millimeter stereo headset jack and removable 9.8 feet USB cable Check On Amazon
PDP Wired Controller
Compatible with – Windows (Xinput and Dinput), Android TV Box, Vista, PS3, Switch, and Android 4.0 Check On Amazon
Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3
Enhanced gameplay with vibration feedback Check On Amazon
Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller
Compatible with Nintendo Switch host, Tablet / PC (Win 78/10 system) Check On Amazon
Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller
Platform Supported: Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC Check On Amazon

1.PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is an excellent controller for reliable control of games with dual rumble motors. The multiple buttons will give you real power over your wanderings in virtual worlds. The experience of the game will be intensified even by Analog levers.

The levers will help to control the movement of the characters in action adventures smoothly. The white colors of the controllers and precise quality with incredible durability and the durability of the switches will fully please every experienced video game fan.

The design with access cables will keep you in any way from the distance from the pc. The experience of professional gaming is complete by its Analog levers. The light and decent weight is only 330 g. The game controller is identical with a pleasant means of controlling your virtual experience. The dual rumble motor will help you to move freely in every game without hesitation.

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Overall, if you are looking for the best budget controller for pc with white color and black accent, we suggest you a PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller because the unique and decent design will always attract you to play the game you not ready for playing.

  • Rumble motors fr fast performance
  • 3m long wire for more comfort
  • Supports all advance games
  • Attractive Design makes it perfect for setup
  • Audio Port has cheap quality

2.PDP Wired Controller

PDP Wired Controller

PDP wired controller is one of a suitable device for reliable gaming on Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. The wired controller also includes Vibration and Analog levers. The levers help to control the sight in the shooters entirely.

The levers help to control the cursor perfectly. The white color of the game controller and the flawless design with long-lasting life and durability of the switches will surely captivate every real setup in video games. It has a 3m long cable connection with a USB connector, which means you can connect with all the USB compatible devices. The controls will bring you a comfortable way to play quality.

Overall, if you are looking for the best budget controller for pc with black colors and a low price, we suggest you PDP wired, which is an excellent choice for you.

  • Comfortable Because of Non-slip Grips
  • 3m Long Wire
  • Multiple Colors of Buttons
  • Supports All Advance Games
  • Only work with wire systems

3.Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 gamepad is an excellent option for convenient streaming on PS4 and PC. Also, the gaming experience enhances by Vibration, Backlight, Analog levers, and Custom Button Mapping. Analog levers help to control the movement of characters in FPS games perfectly.

The black color of the controller and the precise design, together with the stunning endurance and durability of the buttons, will surely please every enthusiastic game fool. It has a 3 m long gamepad cable for USB connection. It comes with different Gamepad equipment such as Vibration, Backlight, Analog levers, and custom button mapping.

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If you are looking for the best budget controller for pc with a mid-range price and brand company, we suggest you a Nacon – revolution pro controller 3. Because of the battery life and standard quality of pc controllers, you will never see the best controller like that.

  • Bluetooth supported
  • Non-slip grips
  • Soft Wheel levers
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Price is bit high but offer unique features

4.Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller

Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller

Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller is compatible with all the devices such as a tablet, computers, mobile phones, and a Nintendo Switch game console. The attractive LED blue backlight makes the game more pleasant. The Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller will impress you with its ergonomic design, thanks to which it holds well. You will also appreciate the support for the 3D function.

You can connect the Nintendo switch Wireless Controller to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth. This model offers the following buttons: 2 × levers, D-pad, four × action button, four × triggers, and home, stop, turbo, and volume buttons, and a total of four adjustable buttons on the bottom of the Nintendo switch Wireless Controller. The Nintendo switch levers can be removed and interchanged according to your preferences.

However, if you are looking for the best budget controller for pc with 3D function, wireless controllers, and low price, we suggest you a Nintendo Switch is an excellent choice for you. Because it offers a high-quality controller features with a low price of budget. The controller equips with 3D game playing functions.

  • 3D Functions helpful in action games
  • Bluetooth and wireless supported
  • Colourful LED lights
  • Turbo Systems & Long battery
  • No warranty

5.Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller

Don’t miss the MICROSOFT XBOX ONE WIRELESS brand new ergonomic controllers at home, with which you can always reliably beat your live and virtual enemies in-game. The controller has an easy-to-grip handle, also a directional controller with a perfectly balanced sensitivity. You no longer have to crush the buttons with force when you need to move your hero while playing an action shooter, thus providing him with a safer cover.

You can manipulate the Microsoft Xbox One gamepad wirelessly, but you can connect it to the console with a USB cable. The advantage of the cable is its reliability and also that the constant power supply, you do not have to look for spare batteries. It is compatible with PC and Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox has balanced sensitivity of the directional control with Power supply via cable guarantees unlimited endurance.

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However, if you are looking for the best budget controller for pc with an attractive design and Bluetooth + wireless support, we suggest you a MICROSOFT XBOX ONE WIRELESS is the right choice for you. Because the wireless and Bluetooth distance is long enough, you can easily play from bed or sofa without hesitation.

  • Long-distance wireless and Bluetooth range
  • Colorful LED lights
  • Artic Camo Special Edition
  • Complete Button mapping
  • Not any negative rating

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Budget Controller for Pc

Purchasing a gaming controller is not an easy task for a new gamer. You need to pay attention to many important factors before investing your money into any controller. The market is filled with both cheap and expensive gaming controllers, but below, we cover all the vital features you need to consider in a gaming controller.


There are two methods of joining a gaming controller with Pc or gaming console, i.e., you can use wired or wireless mode. Always try to purchase a controller that has dual connectivity. Sometimes the batteries have less charging, and in this case, you cannot play the game without recharging the present batteries or placing them in a set of new ones.

The Double connectivity gaming controllers are better; you can enjoy continuous gaming with no issues. The majority of the controllers out there in this listing have double connectivity, and you can purchase them with no second thoughts.

Before buying the controller, also check its cable; the extendable cables are the best choices. The selection of the short or long cord is all up to you and your own preference.


The design of the controller also plays a vital role in the selection of a gaming controller. If the design isn’t user-friendly, then you can’t use the controller for more extended gameplay. Always choose that controller, which has ergonomic and is a favorable design. The next important factor to which you pay attention is the grip; select those models that offer a good grip because these controllers help you win the games in long gaming sessions.


The weight is an important factor that we must consider before buying the gaming controller because most of you will not like a heavy controller. Almost all the gaming controllers are lightweight in the market, but a few of them are bulky. If you buy the heavy controller, it will make the problem in long gaming sessions.

Speaker and jack

A headphone jack is an important part of gaming controllers, but this isn’t an extremely important feature. If you love playing high-quality gaming like PUBG or other online games, look at going with the controllers with an inbuilt speaker and a headphone jack because an inbuilt speaker helps you find the enemy easily with its foot noise.

Battery life

The battery life is also an essential factor which affects your gaming performance. Never pick the controllers that have 2 hours or lesser battery life. You can go with the choices which have 10 hours or more battery life.

Remappable Buttons

The buttons are also an essential element of the gaming controller; if you buy the uncomfortable buttons controller, then playing games is also a difficult task. The controller with remappable support is very comfortable and allocates any function into the buttons.

FAQ About Best Budget Controller for Pc

What are the benefits of budget controller for Pc?

The PC controllers work better than your mouse and keyboard combo. They are more comfortable and convenient than your keyboard and PC. The PC Controller comes with soft layouts, rounded analog sticks for a strong hand-grip. It has sensitive multi-directional pads for greater precision. The device permits you to customize keys and buttons to your liking.

Did the Use of controller is good for action games like Fortnite?

Yes, the controller is a good option for action games like PUBG or Fortnite, but some players prefer keyboard and mouse for shooting games, but the vast majority of Fortnite players enjoy the iconic Battle Royale with the controllers.

Are the use of a controller increase gaming ability?

Yes, in some cases, the controller player can obtain their goal earlier as compared to the keyboard player. The controller player easily set its aim, making it much easier to make adjustments to hit shots. That is why many experts using controllers to play professional games.


I hope you like this article about the best budget controller for Pc; we already explain that a good gaming controller always feels comfortable and offers a strong grip. If you are still confused about which is the best option in this list, then our recommended product in this list is PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller because it comes with dual rumble motors that are perfect for long gaming sessions.

It is also very lightweight and offers strong handling while playing the games. According to the price point of view, it is one of the best budget controllers for Pc on this list. If you like this article, then share it with those friends who plan to buy a new gaming controller to enhance the gaming experience.

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