Best Bluetooth Controller for Pc in 2021

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Video games have long term evaluation from arcade games until today. Video gaming is always in trend and advances with time. Bluetooth controller is also one of that adaptability of video gaming. You can enjoy playing games with multiple players without even changing a single cord.

Once you are in love with group gaming, you can’t get rid of that, and the most frustrating part is to use a gamepad with a PC. It will cause disturbance and won’t let you enjoy the gaming time.

Imagine playing Dark soul or Mortal Combat with your squad on PC with a Bluetooth controller. I bet you won’t regret the decision to convert from the gamepad to the Bluetooth controller.

Finally, when you have made your mind to purchase the one another problem arises and choose from various brands available in the market. Anyhow to get the best gaming experience, you have to choose wisely according to your gaming choice, budget, and durability.

So set your PC and games ready for a whole new experience with great excitement and enhanced entertainment. As I am going to share with you the best Bluetooth controller for pc guide. You will get to know all about top-rated Bluetooth controllers and why/why not choose them.

List of 5 Best Bluetooth Controller for Pc

Image Product Feature Price
Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller
Compatible With Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10. Check On Amazon
Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controlle
Revolutionary features like the touchpad, light bar, and built-in speaker. Check On Amazon
Logitech F710 Gamepad
it has a unique adaptation and customizes the system. Check On Amazon
Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller
Come with interchangeable thumbsticks and D Pads. Check On Amazon
GameSir T4 pro Wireless Controller
Supports Android phones and tablets, Windows XP/ 7/8/10. Check On Amazon

1. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft needs no introduction and always provides the best service in the field. So is the case with Microsoft Xbox wireless controller. It’s a must-have product for a PC gamer and it gives you enhanced precision and comfort. Therefore choosing this one will help you feel the freedom to enjoy your games wherever you like.

The ergonomic design made this controller a perfect match for long term plays and can bear the gamers rage. Microsoft Bluetooth controller is compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Windows 10 on PC.

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The shape and size with a perfect grip help you stay on target with the most comfortable techniques. You can play with the controller while connecting it with Xbox or simply windows 10 PCs.Package includes wireless adapter, smaller design, wireless stereo sound system, and multiple connecting abilities are remarkable features.

  • The perfect controller for windows gaming
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Durable charge
  • Textured controlled provides essential grip
  • Smooth and comfortable buttons
  • Lack of rechargeable battery

2. Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller

Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller

The most durable Bluetooth controller for play station is Dual shock, and it among the top-rated choice of gamers. Occasionally video gaming develops aggressive sentiments, and Dual shock is capable of withstanding the gamers’ rage. Dual Shock 4 controllers can easily be charged with the PS4 system. All you to do is to connect a micro USB port with PS4, and it can recharge even on standby. You can also recharge the controller with any standard charger.

However, Dual Shock is not specifically designed for PC, so you have to download third-party software known as DS4windows. It helps you connect it with PC gaming without any hurdles. It has innovative features, and it brings virtual gaming to another level. This controller has revolutionary features such as an integrated light bar, touchpad, and built-in speaker/mic. All these features provide an interactive gaming experience that is more entertaining than the accustomed one.

Among all other comfortable buttons, there is a share button also. It provides the gamer with an option to share gaming moments instantly with friends and group gamers. Absolute and precise control is another prominent feature of this controller. The analog sticks, sensitivity, shape, and trigger buttons are enhanced to ease the control system.

  • Clickable touchpad
  • Lightbar colors glow assigned to each player
  • Built-in Camera helps in identification
  • Share button provides socializing options
  • The left analog stick gets sometime jammed

3. Logitech F710 Gamepad

Logitech F710 Gamepad

Logitech F710 is a smart gamepad with a native style and easy –setup that lets you enjoy the game in the most relaxed position. The most common standard input, XInput, and Direct input make the setup much easier and comfortable. It has a unique adaptation and customizes the system. Programmable buttons and controls can even replace the mouse and keyboard. 

You can enjoy steam games while relaxing on your couch in no time. However, display on your big screen is a plus point. The controller is designed under your hand grip and helps you enjoy the long gaming sessions without feeling hand fatigue. Also, the contoured plastic grip and smooth curves provide the most comfortable gaming experience.

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It connects with Sony Android TV and switches to XID mode. The logic-tech logo button with a back key on the controller helps you navigate your TV. Logitech G gear is compatible with standards chrome book. The design with an extra twist and analog trigger with textured thumbsticks and a switch works well in both the direct and X input methods. 

  • Smooth and perfect grip
  • Special 4 switch D-pad
  • Simple set up with Android TV and Chrome book
  • Vibration buttons
  • Bit heavy
  • Battery operated

4. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller

Although the company is new in the gaming field, the gamer’s reviews are outstanding. They started from very basic, but now they have a distinct range in gamepads, and Razer wolverine stands out in various gamepads. Thumbstick and dual interchangeable D-pads easily swap between thumbstick shape and height. Also, instantly change in tilting to the individual D-pad button.

However, its unmatched customization options to connect with PC have made it the best controller for PC gamers. An official app helps you use the buttons, which sets your hands free and creates shortcuts. Furthermore, it is a budget-friendly controller, which is the best choice for a professional gamer.

It comes with 4 multi-tasking triggers and an instant control panel, loaded with extra buttons for elite gaming, and 2 remap able multi-tasking bumpers are unique to this controller. Chroma’s wide selections of light effects are customizable with razer synapse and Xbox. You will experience the most comfortable hold on the controller even after a long playing session, and the credit goes to its ergonomic design.

  • Razer chroma lightening
  • Remappable multi-function
  • Integrated smart lightening
  • Customized controller for Xbox and PC
  • The bottom buttons are not very comfortable.

5. GameSir T4 pro Controller

GameSir T4 pro Controller

If you prefer budget-friendly and well-operated devices, then this one is for you. GameSir T4 Wireless is a Bluetooth controller with a perfect mash-up of cheap and versatile device. Its compact and lightweight design is just perfect quality for long time play.

It’s a perfect choice for frantic fighting games and managing the rage that specially belongs to the GameSir T4 wireless. The Bluetooth controller is worth its price and never fails to mark the expectations.T4 pro wireless has vast compatibility with androids, Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, and deeply supports apple arcade and switch games easily.

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Quick charging and lest latency with 600 mah large capacity battery keeps gaming sessions free from breakage. The 10-meter range of connectivity is quite enough to play from any place in a room, without any wiring mess and hassles. It provides real-time gaming feelings with an asymmetric vibrating motor and 5 levels of speed.

  • Versatile compatibility
  • Ergonomic design with a lightweight controller.
  • Turbo and D-pad keys
  • Multi connection types USB dongle/Bluetooth hand-wire
  • Material is not of very high quality

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Bluetooth Controller for Pc

Finally, you must have made up your mind according to your liking and disliking. Now it’s time to end the frustration while playing with keyboard and mouse and shift to a Bluetooth PC controller and enjoy the gaming session in the group and individually. 

However, there are vast options available in the market that you can find on Amazon, and I tried to shortlist for you a few of them. Therefore choosing the right one is again a difficult task and you should do it wisely to save your money and time. 

So we have a complete guide that would be helpful for you to choose for better gaming experiences.

Input Methods

Before making the final decision, you check with its input methods as the Xinput method or direct input method. Controllers need special drivers from manufacturers to work with PC. However, the Direct input help remap every single button of the device accordingly. 

Nowadays, top-rated gamepads are mostly XInput and provide a plug and play experience. In modern video gaming Xbox –style control scheme is a standard, and manufacturers prefer to adapt it.

Cordless or Wired

The modern era of video gaming is widely based on wireless systems and Bluetooth. It was not very smooth in the past and caused delayed actions, which result in poor gaming. However, the trend is shifted towards the wire-free systems as they are well modified and equally precise as compared to other wired controllers. 

Therefore choosing one with Bluetooth technology is a good decision as it won’t restrict your mobility and let you enjoy long-term gaming sessions. 

Nevertheless, your personal preferences are on the top list to select whatever you are comfortable with, but I assure you won’t regret shifting to a cordless device. Moreover, you can also shortlist the device according to a rechargeable feature or battery-powered controller. I prefer the rechargeable one as it will be more durable and budget-friendly. 

Layout References

Mainly two aspects of the layout are Playstation layout and Dual Shock. Besides other differences, the Position of the left analog and stick and D-pad. It depends on your style of gaming and holding on to the device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the most comfortable controller?

PC is one of the versatile platform and affordable for most gamers. Always try to choose the one with short set-up procedures. It would save you from the chaos of assembling and connecting again and again. Once you plug-in the controller and you are done.

Which controller is perfect for steam?

DualShock 4 is recommended for perfect steam gamers. It’s because it provides the gamer an option to use it on PC without any other installation. Xbox one is also a compatible controller for PC gamers.

What is the ultimate choice of pro-gamers?

According to reviews and dominating web searches, Xbox one is the most preferred gamers’ choice. Its popularity is unmatchable and thus provides you a sensational experience even in frantic play.

How to Connect Bluetooth Controller to Pc

Connecting the Bluetooth controller is very simple. Almost all the controller works without any software. You can use your controller on your Pc by just pairing. When you pair the first time, it will automatically connect the next time.

Bluetooth controller PC driver

There are some controllers in the market that do not work without installing its drivers. Many controllers come with its driver CD in its package. But if you cannot find the driver in its package, you can also download controller drivers from its official website.


No one wants to get interrupted while playing an intense playing session, so you have to find the right gear before you play. Always try to shortlist your expectations and don’t spend much on the controller’s minor details, as it might only make the gadget pricey. Differentiate in the quality and luxury and try to go with quality and durability.

Personal preference of gamer is unique for each gamer as it depends on game genera and comfortable design level. Best controllers can work well with different games and are equally comfortable with PC and other gaming species.

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