Buying a Gaming Controller – What to Consider

A gaming controller is a useful product for gamers; it is used for high end and professional gaming. Different types of devices are classified as game controllers, such as keyboards and mice, and controllers made for very specific purposes, such as steering wheels or gun-shaped controllers for shooting and dance pads for dance games.

In the last few years, the game controllers industry has grown a lot. In the beginning, they come with just one button and dial in them. Now the controllers have several analog sticks and buttons, directional pads, motion recognition, and touchscreens. The abundance of characteristics also implies that it is difficult to select the right product that offers all the essential characteristics for playing the games.

A good gamer should not buy without any prior knowledge about the gaming controller. In order to make a good decision, before going out to get a new controller, you must keep an eye out for certain factors. Here in this article, we cover all the important factors you must consider before buying a gaming controller.


The first factor you want to consider when you buy a controller is its compatibility. Will it work with your game consoles, such as your favorite consoles, a PC, or even your mobile device? Many controllers now come with a lot of connection options, from USB wired to Bluetooth wireless. Both the new models of the DualShock controllers and the Xbox controllers come with these options.

Some controllers are designed for specific operating systems such as Windows 10 or PS4 gaming console. It can often be difficult to set up controllers on a PC. Some models don’t have guarantees of working with each game. The Controllers made for specific Os like Windows, Steam or MacOS come at normal prices.


Many PC controllers are lined with plastic material and rubberized to protect the metal hardware. However, the control parts we’re more interested in a wide portion, which comes into contact with your hands. The toggles and buttons should typically be as deep as possible but not too hard to get a press. The pads should respond to the least contact as well.

Also, it must check the controller’s sound level. Some controls have “press” buttons that create a lot of motor noise, while others have a smoother layout. Make sure that the controller also comes with the ability to unlock keys from the right or left with miniature.

They should be accurate in terms of handlebars for fitting your whole hands and giving you a fantastic grip. The extra padding of rubber offers the best benefit on the handlebars. The controller that comes without a handlebar has a rubberized base, which is not too comfortable. You must need a strong grip on your handle at the bottom of the controller.

Wired or Wireless

Since we’ve noticed that the wired gaming controllers are a little less costly than wireless controllers, that is because of the availability of Bluetooth. They will connect with the laptop or PC via Bluetooth, so you do not need any extra cables. But the main problem with the wireless controller is the battery; you cannot abe to play games when the batteries down. This is why professional gamers mainly like a controller with wiring; however, that is not the same in all gamer cases.

The majority of the gaming controllers nowadays include Bluetooth connectivity, i.e., they have been wireless. Most casual gamers nowadays use wireless connectivity and use wired technology to operate the controllers. All properties apart, wireless controllers are much more costly than the wired controllers.

If you are looking for a controller for your own desktop computer, you shouldn’t get a pricey wireless gaming controller since a wired controller is best for your gaming job. But, it entirely depends upon your taste.

However, in some cases, a wired controller will be causing disturbance and problems in your gameplay because of small cables, then an ideal choice is to proceed to get a wireless gaming controller. The wired gaming controller, along with a wireless feature, is going to last the maximum.

Wireless Range

In recent years the Conventional controllers come with wired technology. However, nowadays, all the controllers come with a Bluetooth or wireless option. You can use this wireless technology to help a small Bluetooth assistance or dongle that connects with your PC. After connecting the dongle, you can pair your controller through  Bluetooth. Once connected, your PC s attached and transmits information from the computer to the controller.

With this technology, you only require a Bluetooth-adapted computer; then you can enjoy your games. The main issues people face in wireless controllers are wireless range and battery. So always buy the long-range controller that offers you long distance pairing option.

Cross-Platform or PC-Dedicated

If you are both a PC gamer and a console gamer, you cannot consider a platform-compatible controller. For both types of gaming, Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers are the best choices. They are great choices and encourage you to continue to practice your skills on any platform that you use, both for the PC and the console games.


There are two main types of PC controllers: a standard shape-type joystick, somewhat similar to the PS4 or Xbox One design, and PC-only variants with several buttons and partial keyboards, such as the Razer Tartarus. 

On the one side, the console is ergonomic, comfortable, and simple to operate. On the other, the designs of dedicated PC controllers may give hardcore users a significant advantage. The latter style is designed more for devoted players who want the top edge and comfort on a computer keyboard.


The gamepads are largely used for games, which are about fighting because, with the help of a controller, we can easily handle these types of games. It is preferable to choose models that come with a broken cross piece design. This design may make it a lot simpler to execute all sorts of attack calculations instead of using a gamepad using a solid cross-piece.

An ideal controller uses rubber analog rods. It’s desirable that they’ve been attended by a few notches which won’t allow your hands to slide. The Controllers that comes without the analog rods are not a good option. The most used action buttons are marked with letters B, Y, and X, allowing you to realize the activities precisely.

Extra Buttons

A gaming controller that has extra buttons is very useful in action games. Because with extra programmable buttons, it is easy to place up them depending on your own requirements and may use them fast to take off your competition immediately. The programmable buttons are especially important in FPS games, even where you’ve got to put your opponents employing distinct strategies.

Thus, before purchasing a gaming controller, ensure it has at least four or two programmable buttons since these buttons will support one to possess a greater gaming experience.

Interchangeable Components

The ideal PC gaming controllers come with interchangeable parts. Usually, an interchangeable controller includes the capability to swap stick heads of unique thoughts or activates dimensions, or the entire button plates. The best PC game controller comes with customization options so you can quickly customize their settings and get the best performance in any game.

Audio & Speaker

A headset jack is now becoming quite common in gaming controllers; however, this isn’t an essential feature. If you like playing with high-tech gaming such as PUBG or alternative internet flash games, look at choosing the controllers with an in-built speaker and a headset jack.

Dual vibration motors

A double vibration motor means a vibration role that simulates the shake effect once a direct effect or significant event occurs at gaming. The control will make an effort to mimic that vibration with all the incorporated vibration engine system.


Lighting is not an important factor in a gaming controller. But when you would like to produce your gaming equipment appear more fashionable than ever before, you definitely need to be on the lookout to get a gaming controller with lighting impacts.

Lighting impacts offer a gorgeous appearance to the controller and allow it to be even more eye-catchy. You’re able to show these controllers to your own friends. But these sorts of controllers can be somewhat high in price. Thus, you need to keep an eye outside for the cost you have before purchasing a gaming controller with lighting impacts.


As far as your budget is concerned, it mainly refers to how often you expect to use the controller. You won’t regret spending up to $50 for an effective console controller if you have many games. In comparison, a less costly option could be a more effective decision if there are just a few games that need a controller, and you only buy one for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important feature that we need to consider while buying the controller?

All the features that we discuss above play an important role in the quality of a good controller. Some of those highly essential features include dual vibration motors and a comfortable selection of switches and joysticks. The size of the controller also affects how efficient in games.

The design is also a good point must not too important in the selection of a gaming controller. A compact option is more suitable and comfortable.

What are the advantages of a gaming controller?

According to many gamers, the mouse and keyboard combo is more comfortable then Pc controllers. The PC gaming controllers are definitely a comfortable and alternative to computer keyboard and PC. The PC controllers are a great gaming investment for most gaming fans. These are some major advantages of gaming controllers.

Ergonomic Comfort

The PC Controller comes with soft layouts, curved analog rods for a strong handgrip. Additionally, it offers sensitive multi-directional pads to get higher accuracy. The gadget’s rubberized finish is frictionless; therefore, your palms stay comfortable throughout the outer lining.


The controller offers a complete customization option; you can customize keys and buttons to your desire. You can even switch from various player modes in the order. PC controllers usually come with good material that works for a long time. The top-notch controller may last for a long time if you properly use it.


I hope you like all the factors and details we provide above on the gaming controller. If you plan to buy a recent lunch controller on the market, these tips will help you to choose the best product. If you face any problem while selecting the controller, no worries, simply get-in-touch with us through our comment sections, and we’ll try our best to tell you the ideal product for you.